The body is a machine, plain and simple. We all depend on our bodies, but athletes rely on optimal performance for entirely different reasons. If they experience bodily limitations of any kind, life comes to a screeching halt. To prevent this, it’s important to treat the body like any other machine. We take our vehicles in for oil changes and preventative maintenance for peace of mind. In doing so, we can rest assured that they’ll keep running as expected for the long haul. Chiropractic care can provide athletes the same sense of security. Here’s how:

Chiropractic Care Promotes Healing

Injuries are par for the course, but adjustments correct the position of vertebrae that may have shifted while sustaining those injuries. If spinal alignment is restored, a domino effect is set into motion: Once the muscles relax, oxygen and nutrients are delivered to the injury site. Soft tissue manipulation can also break up scar tissue, increasing flexibility and elasticity, which prevents long-term issues and limitations. Left untreated, the healing process looks very different, often leaving the body with significant limitations.

Chiropractic Care Provides Pain Reduction

The discs, nerves, joints and ligaments of the spine are very sensitive to pain. If the spinal column is not aligned, specific areas may be carrying all of the stress of the body, causing pain. Adjustments restore joint function and reduce inflammation, which can alleviate pain without the use of medications.

Chiropractic care restores the nervous system to a balanced state

Spinal alignment helps the body withstand (and bounce back from) the usual traumas that come with athletics. The spinal column houses the nervous system and helps anchor the muscles that run throughout the entire body. Because the systems of the body are interconnected, a healthy spine will improve physical performance in positive ways. Posture, muscle strength, and the body’s ability to withstand the stressors of daily life will improve with chiropractic care.

Routine Chiropractic Care Improves Range of Motion

Being in peak physical condition is critical for an athlete. To avoid stiffness and joint pain, which can both limit range of motion and affect performance, athletes should prioritize regular spinal adjustments. This offsets any damage done during training and intense activity.

Chiropractic Care Helps Athletes Know Their Bodies Better

An athlete may become highly aware of the inner workings of their shoulder after an injury to that area. With chiropractic care, they may also understand why they are experiencing referred pain in another area, for example, due to the interconnectedness of the entire body. They’ll learn cause and effect, what makes an injury worse or more painful, and what to do to prevent long-term damage in the future. Chiropractic care can also teach proper warm-up and cool-down exercises, as well as how nutrition affects performance. An athlete’s body is their most valuable asset, so constant care is the best investment.

Chiropractic care can promote healing, reduce pain, improve range of motion, bring balance to the nervous system, and teach athletes how to best care for their machine (just to name a few benefits). Dr. Reza Ghassemi has been both a client and a care provider because he’s an athlete himself. Click here to learn more about his sports background and call our office today at (406) 920-1807 to set up an appointment!