From the moment you meet Dr. Reza Ghassemi, you will know he’s not like most medical professionals. He enjoys life and carries that enthusiasm into his practice when working with his patients. Born and raised in California, Dr. Ghassemi began playing organized sports at a young age. He continued playing through college and Semi Professional Rugby while at Life University where he was a part of a national championship team. But it was an injury to his neck at a tournament that inspired him to direct his education toward the study of the body and specifically the musculoskeletal and nervous systems.
He moved to St. Petersburg in 2006 and began practicing and training throughout the Tampa Bay Area. Reza is happily married to his wife Joan and enjoys travel, sporting clays, scuba diving, rugby, and weight-lifting. He loves St. Petersburg and enjoys exploring our town with his two French Bulldogs: Roshi and Petunia.

Dr. Reza Ghassemi enjoys life!