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Dr. Reza has done for me in the past two months than other doctors have been able to do in twenty years! For the first time in ten years my feet no longer hurt and I can walk without pain.

Jen D.

I was very pleased with my experience with Dr. Ghassemi. He was able to diagnose the injury my son had and began treatment immediately. He was very gentle and explained things in a way my son and I could both understand. If you are looking for a doctor who treats the whole person, and takes the time to be caring then Dr. Ghassemi is someone you should consider visiting.

Julie H.

After having 2 children, a very stressful job and a difficult marriage – I was determined to get my life back into shape. I was once an active young woman but over the years I neglected myself and I needed to be careful how I was to get physically fit again. I was fortunate to meet Reza who trained me 2 days a week for about a year. The transformation was incredible, but best of all he worked with me without putting my body in any danger due to his education as a chiropractor.

Michael C.

Dr. Reza is great. I’ve had a series of back issues in my life to include 2 hyrniated disks, 2 pinched nerves & a lateral tear. Before my injuries, I was a runner & triathlete. Since my injuries, I’ve packed on a lot if weight due to my inability to exercise with reoccurring back issues. Dr. Reza has been instrumental in getting me to be able to get the miles in without the pain. He is unique from other chiroprators that I have used in the past because his skill set and accreditation far exceeds his doctorate.

His office is perfect. You are treated like you are the only person in world while you are there. This is a testament to him and his wife as individuals but also how he invisioned his practice from the onset.

Take it from someone who has had 10 chiroprators & back specialists… If you are an athlete or not… The solution is simple… Dr. Reza is the right man to get you back on track and keep you on track.

Negar N.

Dr. Reza helped me get back into shape after years of not playing rugby. I can truly say that my performance is even better now than when I played in high school. I couldn’t have done it without his skills and knowledge. I highly recommend him to anyone!

Tamara M.

Dr. Reza is excellent! He helped me when I most needed his expertise and I easily recommend him to all of my clients. He is extremely knowledgeable and approachable… the best combo for an effective Chiropractic physician!

Tyler N.

I have been training with Dr. Ghassemi for a little over a year now and I am very pleased. Dr. Ghassemi’s strength program works better than any silly gym workout program. My entire body feels like one muscle. That’s the best way to describe it. Dr. Ghassemi’s program teaches you to use your body as one machine no matter what the focus of the workout is. I’ve always been a big dude, but after about six months with Dr. Ghassemi, my friends at school started calling me the Hulk. While being able to squat and press crazy amounts of weight is great, what I really enjoy is the real world value. I feel much healthier and stronger. Whether it’s moving furniture or simply getting out of bed in the morning, I do it with ease.Dr. Ghassemi is very educated in the matter of the body. I won’t list the alphabet of letters that follows his name, but he knows what he’s doing. His program works the body in a way the builds muscle, but also retains it.

I know the point of working out for many people is to look appealing. This program isn’t for them. While this program will build your body strong and of course make you look good, this program is about building a healthier lifestyle.

Steve Eschweiler

Prior to visiting Reza I had been battling an ongoing headache issue for 6 months. I had been to my general practitioner, been prescribed medication, had CT scans, was getting massages every week and visited other chiropractors. Nothing was working. After just a few visits with Reza my headache frequency went from 7 days a week to maybe 1 day a week. As it stands today, I visit Reza every few weeks and barely get headaches at all anymore. I have not had a need to take any pain relief meds in months. Reza has been nothing short of a godsend for me. My quality of life is restored and Reza is the reason why.

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