The transformation was incredible, but best of all he worked with me without putting my body in any danger due to his education as a chiropractor.

– Julie H
Personal Training | St Petersburg | Reza Chiropractic

We all know that no plan or technique is effective if you don’t do it. Dr. Ghassemi is a motivator and someone who will hold you accountable for your progress. He believes what you do with your nutrition to your sleep habits is as important as what you do in his presence so be prepared for a comprehensive approach that will keep you on track and keep you from undoing or working against what happens during your training sessions. After years as an athlete at both the amateur and semi professional level, Dr. Ghassemi is no stranger to training both in and out of the weight room. He has seen and felt the effects of proper form and technique and knows how to get the best Personal Training outcomes. However, his experience is not limited to himself or his teammates. He’s worked with patients from children to the elderly and every body type. Training is about setting goals and reaching them safely and effectively. Dr. Ghassemi’s skills and experience will help you develop a plan to achieve those goals based on proven methods for tremendous results.

Whether it’s in your favorite gym, our facility or another location, Dr Ghassemi will help you focus your efforts on achieving your goals without wasting time and risking injury exercising the way you may have done in the past. He understands the body and is always studying new techniques to help others address their specific needs. This has led Dr. Ghassemi to a number of certifications that can give those he trains the utmost confidence in the programming specifically designed for each individual. Dr. Ghassemi strives to create a variety of approaches combining the latest research in fitness with his knowledge of anatomy and physiology.