Why athletes should visit Reza Chiropractic!

You take what you do seriously. Whether on the field or court, or even during training sessions at the gym, it is all in the name of doing what you love and doing it well. You simply can’t do that with existing injuries. There are also ways, beyond gym visits and trainings, to keep your body operating at its optimal level. Enter: Chiropractic Care.

Athletes can benefit greatly from chiropractic care because it is designed to sync up parts of your body, especially your nervous and musculoskeletal systems, so whole-body health can be achieved.

At Reza Chiropractic, we have specific (and numerous) therapies and modalities that can benefit any individual with a very active lifestyle. If you consider yourself an athlete, here is why you should make an appointment with us.

Dr. Reza understands what it means to be an athlete.

There is a certain mindset that comes with being an athlete. There are certain experiences, too. Think about how you would feel making an appointment to see a chiropractor that knows all about being an athlete — what it takes, the will to succeed, the importance of being ready to get in the game for yourself and your teammates.

Dr. Reza Ghassemi is that chiropractor.

With a love of organized sports that began at a young age, Dr. Reza continued playing through college and Semi Professional Rugby while at Life University where he was part of a national championship team. He played rugby for 17 years from high school through semi-professional men’s teams.

It was actually during a tournament where he sustained a neck injury that he decided to direct his education toward the study of the body and specifically the systems involved with chiropractic care.

Benefit from more than chiropractic care.

Given his background, Dr. Reza also became a certified strength and conditioning specialist, plus he’s a USA American Weightlifting Level One Coach. If you want to achieve whole-body health, you’ll experience a comprehensive approach to your training. Dr. Reza knows all about proper form and technique so you can get the absolute most out of all personal training sessions.

Helping you to focus your efforts on your goals without wasting time or risking injury is a top priority. With a thorough understanding of the body and an eye on all new techniques, Dr. Ghassemi can help you address your specific needs by developing a program unique to you that utilizes a variety of approaches and the latest research in fitness.

Corrective exercise by Reza Ghassemi

Plus, we will encourage you to continue care at home through the use of corrective exercises. Whether you make an appointment for chiropractic care, personal training and strength conditioning, or a combination of services, Dr. Reza can also speak to you about corrective exercises you can perform from the comfort of your own home, at a time that is convenient for you, and in between appointments. Corrective techniques can significantly improve the symptoms of an injury and the underlying causes, strengthen muscles, and correct any irregularities.

Our therapies are specific to your needs.

There are two therapies in particular that athletes will be interested in if you are suffering from a sustained injury: Graston Therapy and Kinesiotaping. Read more about both of these below.

Graston instruments used at Reza Chiropractic

Graston Therapy employs the use of stainless steel instruments to:

  • Correct restricted muscle movement
  • Improve your range of motion
  • Alleviate painful symptoms or general soreness
  • Increase your flexibility by removing or reducing soft tissue adhesions

If you are identified as an ideal candidate for Graston, Dr. Reza will form a treatment protocol so you know how many sessions to anticipate.

Kinesiotaping works by:

  • Either activating or inhibiting a certain muscle, depending on your need
  • Reducing inflammation to the area of your body experiencing pain
  • Increasing circulation to a certain part of your body or muscle
  • Ridding your body of the inflammatory byproducts that are the cause of your soreness and pain

Kinesio tape is an ideal therapy for athletes because the tape is durable, doesn’t have to be changed out too often, is lightweight, and is able to withstand sweat and water. You will get very used to wearing the tape and it will not affect your performance.

We hope we have been able to showcase why athletes should visit Reza Chiropractic for their needs.

At Reza Chiropractic, we don’t subscribe to a one-size-fits-all approach. Dr. Reza will take the time to listen to you speak about any concerns you may have, ask questions about your lifestyle and injuries you’re experiencing and will develop a personalized treatment plan based on your body’s needs and your overall goals.

To get on the road to a pain-free life and one step closer to being at the top of your game, contact Reza Chiropractic today at (406) 920-1807 to schedule an appointment in our St. Petersburg office.