Resolving issues such as back pain without medication can be difficult to achieve, even with exercise at home. However, professionals at a chiropractic center have experience with back pain. Chiropractic treatment has been shown to be effective at improving discomforts along the lower back. Chiropractors differ from your average physical therapist in that they focus on the spine. Everything from muscle spasms to bouts of inflammation can be the cause of spinal trauma. Also, residents in Bozeman do not need to have been in an accident to suffer from spinal damage. If your work involves lots of sitting or lifting objects, then you can damage the vertebrae. Studies have shown sitting improperly can slowly shift the position of the spine. While it is usually temporary, consistent stress can inflame nerves and lead to:

  • Discomfort when standing
  • Restless sleeping
  • Muscle weakness
  • Difficulty bending over

Working with a chiropractic center offers specific benefits that you will not get elsewhere. A chiropractor local to the Bozeman area, like Dr. Reza Ghassemi, can lower inflammation, reduce muscle spasms, and improve injury recovery.

Reduce Inflammation

Inflammation is a general term for the body’s response to damage or infection. Many issues throughout the body can be the result of inflammation. Problems like muscular adhesion can affect large areas and cause massive inflammation. If you are dealing with muscular adhesion, then you may find that medication only offers temporary relief. Through treatment methods like the Graston Technique, Dr. Ghassemi can stretch muscle away from adhesion areas.

Muscle Spasm Treatment

Spasms can range small mildly annoying twitches to painful episodes that make it difficult do normal activities. Muscles can tense up nearly anywhere and hit areas along the lower back and arms. A massive spasm in regions like the calves can be debilitating and stop you from walking. After the spasms pass, that muscle may then be sore and painful to use. Corrective exercises and nutritional counseling can help improve the body’s functions. With proper treatment from a chiropractic center in Bozeman, those suffering from muscle spasms can find non-invasive relief.

Chiropractic Center Injury Recovery

If you are dealing with a slow-to-heal injury, then a chiropractor can help lower pain and stress. Bozeman residents can also focus on injuries to better avoid future damage to the same area. Whether you were in a car accident or dealing with a slip-and-fall, services at Reza Chiropractic can increase your recovery rate. Simple changes in your life can improve mental wellness and injury recovery. It can also result in benefits like improvements in mobility and flexibility. You can contact Reza Chiropractic Center today by going online or calling (406) 920-1807.