Here at Reza Chiropractic, we see many runners who come to us in pain with shin splints and foot pain. These patients have tried steroid packs, pain medication, podiatrists and various types of stretching. Yet the pain persists and prevents them from enjoying their favorite form of exercise. Dr. Reza employs several types of modalities to help relieve and prevent future pain in runners and the Graston technique has proven to be especially effective

The Graston Technique

The Graston technique is based on the use of hand-held instruments that are used to detect and correct soft tissue disorders. These stainless steel instruments come in various sizes and are appropriate for use anywhere in the body where there are soft tissue lesions. We have had great success using the Graston technique specifically on runners. Initially, Dr. Reza begins at the site where the pain is felt. If the Graston tools are not resolving the pain in the foot, he moves onto other joints that may have old injuries or trauma. Hip, knee or ankle issues can cause foot pain! Dr. Reza uses techniques like soft tissue release, manipulations (if needed), Graston, foam rolling, specific stretching, and mechanical movements.


Additionally, Dr. Reza is a certified Kinesiotape provider. Many practitioners (massage therapists, chiropractors, and physical therapists) offer “taping” and soft tissue mobilization, but it is essential to see a doctor like Dr. Reza who is certified by Graston and KTape. This coupled with his extensive knowledge of sports injuries as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist makes him ideally suited to help with running injuries.

Do I have to stop running?

That is a common question, and the answer is typically NO. After treatment in the office, the patient is sent home with strengthening exercises for the affected area. Strengthening is a must, and most runners continue their running regimen. Most treatment plans for runners consist of two visits a week for 4-6 weeks. The good news is there is help for plantar fasciitis and foot pain without sacrificing one’s love for the passion of running. Call Us today for an appointment at (406) 920-1807, or visit us online.