There are many ways in which a person can benefit from visiting a local Bozeman chiropractor. Unfortunately, many assume the only reason to do so is if they have sustained an injury, have scoliosis, or have back and/or neck pain.

It’s no secret that our spine is a crucial body part that we need to keep healthy. But what many people fail to realize is how much the health of our spine can influence the functioning of the rest of our body’s systems. For example, did you know that having a misaligned spine can cause headaches, trouble sleeping, increased susceptibility for injury, and decreased immune system functioning? And that’s just naming a few.

At Reza Chiropractic, we strongly believe that everyone should see a chiropractor for an exam at least once every couple years—even if there is not an immediate problem plaguing them. Because your spine and central nervous system play such an integral role in your overall health, it is too important to not get checked out.

The absence of pain does not necessarily mean good health

To some, chiropractic treatment seems to be a strange and mysterious concept. We believe that if more people understood exactly what it was and the many ways in which it can improve your life, more people would be scheduling appointments with their Bozeman chiropractor on a regular basis.

It is a mistake to assume that if you are not in pain, you must be healthy. Sublaxations, which chiropractors are famous for correcting, are caused by misalignments.

When you experience pain anywhere in your body, it means the transmission and communication signals in your body have been disrupted. When this happens, it causes illness, disease, injury, etc. Sure, it can be uncomfortable and generally evokes negative feelings, but “pain” can actually be considered a good thing—because it is your body’s way of telling you something is wrong. However, in many cases pain is actually the body’s last resort for alerting us that something is wrong; the presence of physical pain indicates you’ve probably had biomechanical dysfunction long before the symptoms began to surface.

Your Bozeman chiropractor has the advantage of using a holistic, whole-body approach. They won’t just write you a prescription and send you on your way, because they know proper treatment is so much more than simply finding a way to alleviate and treat the discomfort. Doctors also need to get to the bottom of what caused it, and what else it could be affecting. All the nerves our body uses come from the spinal cord; everything is relative when it comes to the body mechanisms, so you need to be treated as a whole body too.

The best form of treatment is prevention

Consider this: No doctor, whether it is your Bozeman chiropractor or your primary care physician, actually fixes your pain for you. Sure, they may mask the symptoms, or provide you with effective treatments for alleviation. But when it comes down to it, the doctor only speeds up the recovery process by providing your body with the proper tools and guidance needed to heal on its own.

There are so many different problems that can be attributed to your spine and nervous system. Digestive disorders, for example, occur when the digestive fluids are not properly running through the intestinal tracts. Headaches can usually be attributed to the cervical spine, where misalignments cause tightness, tension and muscle spasms that radiate through the optical nerves and cause inflammation. Ear and sinus infections cause inflammation from bacteria and a buildup of fluid in the Eustachian tube, which runs between the throat and ear, irritates lymph nodes, and doesn’t properly drain the excess fluid regulated by the nervous system.

The Importance of a Chiropractic Check Up Exam

Today, more than ever before, seeing a Bozeman chiropractor for a check-up exam is important. In this digital age of technology, we are living increasingly sedimentary lifestyles, always hunched over a computer screen or running around then complaining about feelings of fatigue and stress. If you feel overwhelmed and tired a lot, it’s an indication your nervous system is out of balance. The smallest things affect your health—the chair you sit in at work, when and how often you use your cell phone, the level and position of the TV you watch every night. All of these activities you engage in every single day require the work of ligaments, tendons, muscles and vertebrae in your body. Over time, they can become damaged.

This is why visiting your Bozeman chiropractor for a check-up exam is so important. Even if you are not aware of any misalignments or problems with your spine or central nervous system, getting an exam can help prevent problems from happening at all.

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