After suffering from an injury like a pulled muscle, rehabilitation is critical to avoid further damage and pain. Pain sufferers in the Bozeman area do not need to handle the healing process alone. A sports injury chiropractor can take a look at your specific situation. Whether you play sports professionally, as a hobby, or are into weightlifting, proper recovery is necessary. When you stress your muscles beyond the ordinary, micro ruptures occur along the fibers. This is common and necessary for muscle growth. However, you must ensure things like proper nutrition and downtime to avoid pulling a muscle or muscular adhesion. Dr. Reza Ghassemi has over a decade of experience working with sports injuries and patients throughout the Bozeman area. With consistent treatment, you can improve muscle health and reduce inflammation from overexertion.

Types of Sports Injuries

Depending on what sport you play, you are at-risk for a variety of injuries. Golfing is a favorite past-time throughout the Bozeman area. Even though you are not jumping or running, you can still suffer from conditions such as golfer’s elbow. This condition develops through that constant swinging motion golfers do when hitting the ball. The tendons in the elbow stretch and tighten. The muscles can grow attached to the bones in the elbow and cause:

  • Weakness in grip and arm
  • Pain moving the elbow
  • Lack of mobility in the arm
  • Tenderness around the area
  • Tingling sensation in the fingers or arm

Elbow issues can also occur in baseball and tennis players too. The force it takes to throw a fastball is not far from what is needed to tear muscle and harm joints. Bozeman pitchers noticing a tightness in the elbow may need a checkup. Taking proper care of your body can mean much less pain later on in life. Leg and knee damage are also common and result in similar symptoms. A sports injury chiropractor like Dr. Ghassemi can provide consistent treatment to keep your body in top shape.

Spinal Injuries

While many people attribute spinal conditions with age, they can develop in teens and adults alike. Falls, tackles, and swing motions that twist the spine result in pain and inflammation over time. Studies have shown that alternative options, like a sports injury chiropractor, can reduce pain and the need for medication. The only difference is that chiropractic care focuses on the underlying causes of pain.

Neurostructural shifts, or kinks along the spine, can lead to many symptoms. If the issue lies along the spine, then Bozeman patients can also benefit from corrective exercises. Rest is essential to healing. However, so is exercise when it comes to rehabilitation. Stretching and exercising specific areas can improve recovery. It can also prevent issues like muscular adhesion.

What Treatments Can a Sports Injury Chiropractor Provide?

When working with a sports injury chiropractor, patients can benefit from treatments suited explicitly for their case. Therapies like the Graston Technique can remove this scar tissue and heal muscles. Using a unique stainless-steel tool, a professional can massage the top layer of skin to stretch muscles underneath. Practitioners also receive specialized training to perform this form of soft tissue mobilization technique. A sports injury chiropractor like Dr. Ghassemi can safely employ it to improve conditions like chronic inflammation.

Choose Reza Chiropractic Clinic for Sports Injuries

Kinesio Taping is also an excellent option for many injuries. Bozeman residents suffering from sprains in the neck, back, and groin area can benefit from proper Kinesio Taping. Kinesio Taping is a technique the restricts the use of individual muscle. This way, patients can avoid stressing out healing areas. With over a decade of experience, Dr. Ghassemi knows how to treat patients with the proper care they need. You can contact a sports injury chiropractor today by going online or calling in at (406) 920-1807.