If you live in Bozeman, everything you need stands conveniently located in the heart of the city, including Reza Chiropractic Clinic. Our convenient location allows you to incorporate your treatments into the daily flow of your life and work schedule.

Dr. Ghassemi’s Chiropractic Clinic

Dr. Ghassemi loves Bozeman and offers his services with enthusiasm at his chiropractic clinic. He is a doctor of chiropractic medicine with an adjunct physical therapy degree, here for you in the case of auto accidents, sports injuries, and even when you are in pretty good health and looking to optimize your fitness through personal training.

From a young age, Dr. Ghassemi engaged in sports and values good health in both his personal and professional life. His lifestyle and education equip him with the knowledge and experience to help others reach full health potential. Read on to find out more about the treatments and services offered at Dr. Ghassemi’s chiropractic clinic.

Chiropractic Care

This type of therapy aims to restore your nerves, muscles, and skeleton. When your skeletal system is aligned, you will feel many changes take place in your muscular and nervous system. People often find that many nagging pains and various side effects such as headaches, migraines, and even vision issues began to disappear. The reason side effects go away has to do with the nervous system; blockages can result in shooting pain all throughout the body and even internal organs, but proper alignment allows your nervous system to communicate to your brain and the rest of your body without impediments.


Kinesiotaping is a reliable option for certain injuries for our patients in Bozeman, and as your chiropractic clinic, we can help you reap the benefits through this noninvasive method. We apply the lightweight, breathable tape in target areas of our chiropractic patients and athletes. The tape is used to either inhibit or activate muscle movement depending on their physical needs for faster healing.

Lifestyle Advice

If you are not interested in a one-time treatment but need help in creating a healthy lifestyle that will help you reach your treatment goals and keep them long-term, your chiropractic clinic can help you. Dr. Ghassemi can coach you by understanding your goals and designing a plan to achieve them.

Corrective Exercises

Full body restoration requires participation on your part. Our team at Reza Chiropractic Clinic can teach you corrective exercises and guide you through our “blueprint” exercises to empower you to continue your treatments on your own time. Corrective exercises are aimed to fix underlying problems that occur in the skeletal and muscular systems.

Nutritional Counseling

Everyone is aware of the important role that nutrition plays in our overall health, but not everyone knows how to create a strong diet and supplement plan. We strive to give our Bozeman patients everything they need for long-term health and vitality, which includes nutritional counseling. We can help you build a healthy nutrition and supplement plan to fit your day-to-day lifestyle.

Graston Technique

Dr. Ghassemi is qualified to perform the Graston Technique in Bozeman as a treatment method for soft-tissue mobilization. This technique targets soft tissue problem areas by pairing the use of stainless steel instruments and therapeutic exercises. The Graston Technique remains recognized as an optimal form of treatment for scar tissue, fascial restrictions, range of motion, and inflammation reduction.

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