Chiropractic care is a multi-faceted form of holistic medicine. First and foremost, of course, your chiropractor alleviates pain associated with injuries and the associated, underlying misalignments of the spine. Naturally, sports injuries and car accidents are the most common, but the central nervous system – the body’s powerhouse – can be adversely affected by any number of injuries. Greek in origin, the word chiropractic means “done by hand.” Your chiropractor locates and manipulates the musculoskeletal source of your pain and adjusts the vertebrae and joints accordingly. For Northeast St. Petersburg residents looking for a chiropractic clinic, pain relief is close at hand. Reza Chiropractic is the solution to your problem.

Going the Extra Mile in Northeast St. Petersburg

California-born Dr. Reza Ghassemi has been practicing in the Tampa Bay area since 2006. As a former semi-professional rugby player, he knows that there’s more to health and wellness than successfully treating injuries. At Dr. Reza’s chiropractic clinic in Northeast St. Pete, he’ll locate the reason for your accident or sports-related back or neck pain, stiffness or headaches – and treat it accordingly – but he goes the extra mile. Dr. Reza’s expertise also includes corrective exercises (to help strengthen and maintain muscles), nutritional advice and lifestyle counseling. Not every Northeast St. Petersburg chiropractor offers such a full range of services. Dr. Reza’s goal is to get you healthy – and to keep you that way!

A Chiropractic Clinic That Helps You Achieve New Goals

Come to his clinic in Northeast St. Pete – conveniently located and so easy to get to – and learn how this hands-on treatment can help you. Did you know that even the smallest spinal misalignments can cause chronic migraines, sleep disorders, anxiety and depression, weight gain and other serious concerns? Dr. Reza’s “whole body” approach has helped many people in Northeast St. Petersburg back on the road to a happy and healthy life. He’ll talk with you and get to know and understand your concerns – and your ultimate health goals. Unlike so many medical professionals, he is a genuine “people person,” and you’ll feel relaxed and confident that you’ve entrusted your health to a chiropractor who will help you establish your goals. And reach them.

Contact Dr. Reza’s chiropractic clinic in Northeast St. Petersburg at (727) 526-7700!