Whether you compete on a team or enjoy recreational sports, there are several methods you can use to enhance your athletic performance in Bozeman. Some people get caught up in protein shakes and the sweat-wicking clothing they wear, but our chiropractic team encourages individuals to consider preventative training applications, as well as services like Kinesio taping and nutritional counseling. These may not seem applicable to your drills or lifting regimen but read on to learn how they can help!

1. Train to Prevent Injuries

You might think that racking up high miles or spending hours in the weight room at the gym are enough, but your training should be broader than your immediate goals of endurance or bulk. Our chiropractor can improve your athletic accomplishments by guiding you through corrective exercises to incorporate and build:

  • Flexibility
  • Strength
  • Agility
  • Balance
  • Power

Physical therapy and Kinesio taping are usually associated with recovery, but each can be used to prevent injuries and build muscle.

2. Be Smart about Recovery

Since accidents and injuries can’t be avoided entirely in Bozeman, you need to approach your treatment with a clear head. Some athletes are itching to get back on the field, and they do further damage by making the poor decision to “push through.” Our chiropractic care team will create an individualized recovery plan that may include physical therapy, Kinesio taping, corrective exercises, and massage. Our regimen will help you recover more quickly.

3. Assess Your Diet

If your training approach is well-rounded and you’re not recovering from an injury, look at what you’re eating and drinking in Bozeman. The fuel you choose will affect your performance, and some athletes go as far as seeking out nutritional counseling.

Reza Chiropractic Offers Kinesio Taping

At Reza Chiropractic, we provide individualized medical treatment for our clients. Not everyone in Bozeman is familiar with methods like Kinesio taping, but this tool should not be overlooked. It’s terrific for athletes because the material places pressure on the affected area without constricting movement. It is designed to be worn for several days at a time, and the breathable material stretches to prevent chafing. Reza Chiropractic also provides:

  • Manual adjustments
  • Graston Technique
  • Corrective exercises
  • Personal training
  • Lifestyle advice

Make an appointment by calling (406) 920-1807. Speak with our team of medical care professionals in Bozeman to learn about how we can help you!