At Reza Chiropractic we know that those sneakers you just bought for your morning jog along the beach in Bozeman affect more than just your feet. Believe it or not, even your toes help you balance and to keep your back aligned. Just like wearing cleats made specifically for playing football will help you make that winning touchdown, having the right footwear while lifting has its benefits too:

  • Posture and Form: Just like a concrete slab supports a house, the feet are the foundation of our bodies. Our staff at Reza Chiropractic will tell you that good posture starts with a solid base. When your body is aligned correctly, you will also have better form. This all will help you to perform better and decrease the likelihood of causing damage to your muscles and ligaments.
  • Prevent Injuries: In addition to doing the exercises in the correct fashion, wearing the right shoes to get those weights in the air can keep you from breaking an ankle. Your footwear should help you use all of your force rather than absorbing it and give you traction to prevent slipping. Cushioned sneakers made for running will not keep you grounded, nor will they provide the stability you will need to get that bar up during that Bozeman competition.
  • Performance: The Reza Chiropractic staff knows that the proper footwear will help give you the edge you need to take your skills to the next level. Being able dig into the floor and keep all the energy in your legs will make you stronger and increase your lift power.

While this is all important information to remember for the gym, it is not a bad idea to keep it in mind for everyday lifting as well. For example, the next time you plan on rearranging the furniture or when you are helping that friend on moving day, make sure to grab your sneakers instead of sandals.

Reza Chiropractic is here to help, feel free to give us a call at our Bozeman office if you have any questions or concerns: (406) 920-1807.