If you’re an athlete in Bozeman, who is interested in improving athletic performance, consider the benefits of kinesio taping. It is used during rehabilitation from an injury as a technique to reduce swelling and support the muscle. The materials are durable so that they can be worn for several days at a time. This eliminates the tedious process of daily redressing, and you can experience pain relief at all times, which contributes to a quicker healing process. We know you want to return to your sport as soon as possible, so be sure to avoid these common mistakes.

Proper Skin Preparation

Without proper skin preparation, your tape will not stay on as it was intended to. You may use creams or lotions as part of your daily routine in Bozeman, but these can hinder the product’s adhesion. Take a second look at your shower gel too, because it may contain oils that also interfere. One of the benefits of kinesio taping is that it can stay on for a number of days, so you do not want to cut this time short if you can help it. Also, use an alcohol swab to clear the area before application.

Stretching the Tape Too Much

You might stretch the tape because you think you’ll get more bang for your buck, but this often leads to rashes, skin shears, and general irritation. Kinesio taping is supposed to act as a second skin, not an irritant. You already have an internal injury— don’t complicate matters by obtaining an external one!

Covering Your Pits

The product is designed to hold up during various athletic activities and against sweat, but you should never cover your pits, including:

  • Underarms
  • Knees
  • Elbows

These three areas all experience a lot of motion, so they will become sweaty. You don’t need to add excess moisture by trapping these sensitive regions.

Cutting Too Much or Too Little

While cutting too much or too little tape will not affect the product’s purpose, it can be frustrating to the user. You don’t want to be wasteful nor do you wish to make a strip obsolete by cutting it too short. Double check your measurements to ensure a more pleasant and productive application.

Reza Chiropractic for Your Kinesio Taping Needs

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