It seems we are bombarded with television and billboard advertising help with auto accident injuries. Simply put, Dr. Reza makes the experience about you and your needs rather than putting you through a “cookie cutter” treatment plan. Your appointment time will be set around your schedule including early mornings, after work and at times on weekends. He believes that you can’t treat someone without truly knowing the person.

After years working in high-volume clinics, we have created a patient-friendly small office where the Doctor does the therapies, treatments, and modalities and your voice as the patient can actually be heard. By treating the whole patient and learning about your home, work and daily life he can create the best plan to get you out of pain and prevent future injuries.

We know that there are many options for help after you’ve been in an auto accident. Let Dr. Reza be YOUR doctor and create that one on one relationship that will make you feel comfortable and ensure the best possible results.

One Amazing Customer Experience:

It has been 1 year since my car accident that totaled my car and left my back and neck in so much pain. I was referred to as Reza Chiropractic. This was not my first time going to a chiropractor which was a horrible experience. My issues were never treated completely and it was based on how much money I had to spend. From the first time I walked through the door, Reza had been professional, explaining what was causing my pain and how he would treat it. I was still a little hesitant due to my past. After the first treatment, I felt better than I had for weeks. Reza worked around my schedule, focused on the areas that needed the most attention and created a plan to strengthen my core. He still follows up to this day to see how I am doing. I do not normally write reviews, either way, good or bad, but when I can confidently say first hand that Reza has made a better quality of life for me, I had to! I have and would recommend anyone with issues, go see him! He is an honest straight forward person that will put you first!”    –Bob B.


Call today at (406) 920-1807 to speak directly with Dr. Reza or contact us online and have us start you on the path to health after an auto injury!