Here in Florida, we have many visitors from one of our favorite places: Quebec. Recently we were contacted by “Frank” who was here on holiday from Montreal. Frank was frustrated with shoulder pain and lack of mobility. He is married to a physical therapist and had sought treatment elsewhere and was met with frustration.

Naturally, it was interfering with his beach family time and traveling didn’t make it easier to manage. Luckily, at Reza Chiropractic our schedule works around the patient so we were able to see him on a weekend.

Frank was examined and gave a thorough history and it was determined that there was a normal range of motion everywhere else and the pain was isolated to the shoulder only going out to the side. Dr. Reza used the Graston instruments under Frank’s arm and on his shoulder with some improvement. He then worked on Frank’s opposite front hip and had him hold an active isolated stretch for two minutes.

Going to the Beach!

Immediately thereafter Frank had a full range of motion in his shoulder and the pain decreased. Dr. Reza sent him back to his hotel with stretching and movements tailored to his needs. Later, Dr. Reza checked on him and he was enjoying his Florida vacation pain-free.

Dr. Reza uses numerous modalities and techniques to treat his patients and keep them out of pain. By having so many options he can ascertain which method is best for each patient. And if one doesn’t seem to resolve the issue, on to the next! Call Us at (406) 920-1807 to make an appointment or visit us online.