Despite the rigorous training and education required to practice, there are still a lot of misunderstandings about chiropractic care. By overlooking its legitimacy, many Bozeman residents are missing out on the benefits of working with a chiropractor. Did you know that spinal adjustments can relieve headaches, promote healthy pregnancy, and reduce pain associated with scoliosis and arthritis? By keeping an open mind and making an effort to understand, you’ll see that our work will complement your medical care.

Myth #1: It’s Dangerous to Receive Chiropractic Care

The cricks and cracks you hear in a session with our chiropractor may sound harsh, but they aren’t harmful. Chiropractic care is anything but invasive. By targeting the cause of joint discomfort, Bozeman patients will receive treatment specific to their needs without ever undergoing neck or spinal surgery. These procedures and their side effects, along with anti-inflammatory pharmaceuticals, boost the risk of death far more than receiving adjustments from a chiropractor. We would never talk down standard medical care because we believe it is an excellent companion for our treatment plans. But it’s important to understand that we offer a safer, non-invasive approach.

Myth #2: Chiropractic Care Adjustments are Painful

The only pain you might feel during a session will be brief and is likely caused by the actual injury. Without adjustments, this condition will become worse and cause you more pain. If you don’t experience relief after receiving chiropractic care, look into the chiropractor’s credentials. They should have a D.C., Doctorate of Chiropractic Degree. To practice in Bozeman, they will have taken and passed four national board exams, as well as tests in the state where they work. They should have also completed extensive education and residency programs. With us, you will experience relief as a result of working together.

Myth #3: Chiropractors Only Treat Back Pain

At our facility in Bozeman, we treat patients with numerous afflictions and work with those who want to avert problems in the future. The list of conditions we have treated is too long to list, but some of the most popular include athletic injuries, pain caused by an auto accident, and migraine headaches. We offer services beyond traditional chiropractic care:

  • Kinesiotaping
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Lifestyle and postural advice
  • Personal training
  • Corrective exercises

Whether helping you relieve pain or prevent it, we can help you every step of the way.

Reza Chiropractic

At Reza Chiropractic in Bozeman, you will receive individualized chiropractic care from our Dr. Reza Ghassemi. It’s our goal to alleviate or eliminate your aches and pains, so call (406) 920-1807 today to learn more about our services!