The McKenzie Method for assessing bodily pain is a thorough diagnostic tool used by experienced clinicians across the globe. It involves four steps: assessment, classification, treatment, and prevention. Once a professional has assessed your condition, they will classify it as a syndrome to improve your treatment. The treatment involves a series of prescribed movements and exercises designed to train your body and help it recover from pain. A chiropractor in Bozeman can help you find relief with these three common exercises.

1. Lying Prone

The patient should lie flat with their arms straight down by their sides. If on your stomach, turn your head gently to one side so that your cheek is resting on the ground. Focus on creating the perfect posture, straight from head to toe. This position is supposed to restore lordosis of the spine and correct any postural exaggerations. For the position to have an effect, hold the pose for five to ten minutes so that the internal fluids can reposition themselves.

2. Extension in Lying

The McKenzie Method exercises are designed to test the patient’s range of mobility and flexibility while improving physical condition. One exercise is called, extension in lying. This pose is a graduation from lying prone. From a prone position, extend your arms in front of you with your palms facing the ground. Then, drag your hands back about halfway with your arms and elbows making a 90-degree angle. Lift your torso and place your weight evenly on your elbows and hips. Repeat this movement about ten times.

Finally, move from this position to a full press up by pressing down into your palms, straightening your arms, and lifting your torso as much as is comfortable. Again, repeat this exercise about ten times. Be aware of your posture while holding this pose; if you feel your shoulders hunching up, relax them and press them down. Visit a chiropractor in Bozeman to make sure that you are holding the correct posture.

3. Extension in Standing

Another exercise for the McKenzie Method is called, extension in standing. Stand straight and tall with both feet firmly planted on the floor about shoulder-width apart. Then, stretch both arms straight up above your head. From here, either tilt back, pivoting at the waist, arms extended, or move your arms behind your back as though you are putting your hands in your back pockets, fingers pointed down and thumbs pointed forward. Then, bend backward and hold for a few seconds. Repeat the movement about ten times, trying to increase your extension with each repetition.

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