If you are struggling with the daily inconvenience of back pain or loss of mobility, therapeutic massage can provide relief from your symptoms. Whether your pain is being caused by an injury, accident, or other condition, the muscles in your back are probably very tight and strained from having to accommodate the pain. It can also be a great way to relieve stress and tension, this reduces pain and helps promote healing. For more information on natural pain relief in Northeast St. Petersburg, contact us at Reza Chiropractic today.

What Types of Therapeutic Massage Are There?

Chances are you have heard about massage being used as a therapy technique before, but you might be confused by all the different options. There are a wide variety of different therapeutic massage techniques for different areas of concern and desired results. The following are just a few areas of specialized practice offered in Northeast St. Petersburg.

Deep Tissue

This technique uses deep pressure in focused areas combined with long, slow strokes to get down to the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue. This is typically used for those struggling with muscular problems and persistent injuries.


Shiatsu focuses on applying fingertip pressure to the same areas that an acupuncturist might treat. By targeting these specific points of blockage, you can realign the flow of your body, similar to chiropractic care. There are numerous symptoms that shiatsu targets, including anxiety, migraines, arthritis, sciatica, as well as depression and insomnia.


This is the most popular type of massage. It uses a combination of long strokes, circular movements, and kneading to relieve stress and tense muscles. It is also great for general relaxation.

Sports Massage

Sports massage is a combination of Swedish and deep tissue, specifically meant for athletes. A sports therapeutic massage is a great idea whether you have an injury or not. Regular visits to a physical therapist can even help to reduce your risk of an injury in the future.

How Can Massage Work with Chiropractic?

Getting regular therapeutic massage along with chiropractic adjustments is a perfect combination for optimal spinal health. While chiropractic care focuses mainly on the spine and surrounding muscles, massage focuses on the entire back and most of the time, the whole body. While you may be receiving chiropractic care for an injury or existing condition, physical manipulation can be the missing element you need for total body health. In Northeast St. Petersburg we offer both services in order to help you achieve optimal health.

Other Services We Offer

At Reza Chiropractic in Northeast St. Petersburg, we offer a wide range of services intended for helping you live an active, healthy, and pain-free life. From chiropractic care to therapeutic massage, we will work with you to create a plan for wellness. Our services include the following:

  • Nutritional counseling
  • Chiropractic adjustments
  • Lifestyle coaching
  • Kinesio taping
  • Graston technique
  • Corrective exercises

If you have suffered a neck, back, or shoulder injury, our services in Northeast St. Petersburg can be a great way to heal without harmful painkillers. Loss of flexibility, arthritis, scoliosis, migraines, and stress are all great reasons to seek out our care. Contact us today with any questions you have about our treatments.

Finding Relief in Northeast St. Petersburg

If you are looking for natural pain relief in Northeast St. Petersburg, look no further than Reza Chiropractic. Our therapeutic massage and chiropractic services are specialized for you individually, to promote healing and balance. If you struggle with pain, tension, stiffness, as well as stress and anxiety, our services can significantly benefit you. Give us a call today at (727) 526-7700 with any questions you might have. You can also leave a message on our website, and we will respond to you shortly.